Since 2008 we have been successfully conducting our activity searching for heirs and offering our guidance in inheritance proceedings.

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Dear Heirs,

The reason why you have received this letter from us is that a probate court or a court-appointed administrator relied on our help in locating you as potential heirs. The search of heirs can be an extremely prolonged task requiring vast experience and, since families are frequently dispersed around the world, it may necessitate relevant documents to be collected globally.

The issuance of an inheritance acquisition certificate is already an important milestone for heirs. However, according to provisions of Paragraph 2038 of the German Civil Code, a community of heirs may only act jointly. This may impede the process of settlement between heirs, especially when they do not know or have no contact with each other. In order to gain a true ability to act, a community of heirs can authorise a co-heir or a third person for the settlement, with our support to you as a heir search office. Upon obtaining an authorisation from you, we can act for the community of heirs in order to enable a swift settlement of your succession case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on a non-binding basis.
A telephone call or an e-mail does not bind you and gives you a chance of finding out more about us, your succession case and possible further measures to be undertaken. You may freely decide on how to proceed in the case.

You can contact us by:
Telefonnummer: +49 (0)341- 994 03 19
or the contact form at the bottom of the page

At no point shall you be obliged to make any advance payments. We shall cover any and all expenses related to the time and cost of heir search. Upon a successful settlement of your succession case and the payment of your inheritance, we shall receive remuneration as initially contractually agreed with you. Our remuneration can be written off the inheritance tax and thus reduce the amount of payable tax.
Should you be found ineligible for the inheritance at any time, we shall not pursue any claims for our expenses or remuneration.

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professionally – reliably – transparently

Since 2008, Heir Search Ralf Heinemann GmbH has been supporting heirs, probate courts, estate administrators and notaries to their fullest satisfaction. Transparency of our activities and complete documentation enables a swift processing of the case.

Our professional and always amicable manner of resolving formalities with administrative authorities enables us to successfully reach our objectives.

We do not charge any lump sums and do not require any advance payments. If no inheritance is obtained, we shall not receive any payments.

We agree our remuneration with heirs contractually in advance and claim no additional at a later date. Our fee is a percentage of the inherited sum and directly related to the real value of the inheritance.

Information about inheritance lawDirectly at the source. Consistent information on inheritance law applied in Germany can be found in Book 5 of the German Civil Code. (German language)

this way

Dear Probate Courts and Administrators,

we offer a completely cost-neutral search of unknown heirs domestically and abroad, in Europe and overseas, to district courts and estate administrators. The scope of our activity is tailored to the nature of the succession case and your individual requirements, and can be rendered partially or comprehensively. Our services include assisting you in determining co-heirs, if they are missing or unidentified in relevant documents.

Our detailed documentation guarantees a proficient settlement of the inheritance case.
We collect documents (or certificates) domestically and abroad. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia, we have our own offices employing thoroughly trained staff maintaining excellent rapport with local archives and registry offices.

We have specialised in cases when ancestors of heirs originate from former German territories in Poland. We are experienced in cases when documents were lost in war turbulences and the progress of the case depends on the obtaining of replacement certificates. We act in co-operation with experts from our partner company Genealogie Research Poznan Sp. z o.o.


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